Holiday Packing

July 10, 2022

Top Tips For Packing Your Suitcase

There is nothing worse than overpacking your suitcase when you go on holiday, hauling the suitcase around and then only wearing a fraction of the clothes. Let me share my top tips for packing for holidays.

Before you pack your suitcase, work out how many days you will be away and from there what clothes you need- a capsule wardrobe is ideal. Remember, if you won’t wear it at home, the chances are you won’t wear it on holidays (apart from your bikini of course).

Lay each outfit on the bed along with the matching accessories and shoes. This ensures you don’t forget anything and stops over-packing.  A general rule of thumb is, if there are washing facilities, you can reduce the amount of clothes you bring otherwise, take one spare outfit with you- yes only one!

Use packing cubes when packing your suitcase- these come in different sizes with the bigger ones being used for clothes and the smaller ones to segregate different categories. I use one for technology- my chargers and headphones. Another for hair care- hairbrush, clips etc and a third one for makeup and toiletries.

Once you get to your destination, empty your suitcase. This should only take 10 minutes at most. Start by hanging those items that need hung up and place the shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe.

When you take the packing cubes out of the suitcase, unzip each one, fold the lid underneath itself and put it into the drawer or onto the shelf as it is. This keeps everything neat and easily accessible. I take a bag for laundry and put soiled items into it as I go.

At the end of your trip, when packing to come home, put all your clean clothes together in a packing cube and place your laundry together- this makes emptying your suitcase so much easier when you get home.

On return home, it is tempting to leave unpacking the suitcase. I like to get it over with, so set my timer for 20 minutes and more often than not- it is done before the alarm goes off.

I place the laundry by the washing machine first, and then as I bring items out of the case, I put similar categories together. I then set about putting these items in their rightful place. Again, this doesn’t take long to do so.

This is a perfect opportunity to air out the suitcase and wash the packing cubes ready for your next trip.

You can then put the kettle on, your feet up and relax with a well-earned cup of tea.