How do you feel as you look around your home?

October 26, 2022

As a Professional Home & Business Organiser, I organise and transform my client’s homes and I see first-hand how the space we live and work in significantly impacts our mood, productivity, and mental wellbeing. It’s hard to feel relaxed in a messy home, and many of my clients report they feel anxious and overwhelmed by the mess, but they just don’t know where to start. They are continually tidying, but their home never stays tidy for long. This can lead to feelings of failure – everyone else can keep their home tidy- or it can lead to arguments with their loved ones who, they often feel, are the reason their homes stay messy. These feelings are perfectly normal and felt by most people at one time or another.

Our home reflects our mind and if our environment is chaotic, then so are our thoughts. Physical clutter leads to emotional clutter and it’s harder to maintain relationships when surrounded by mess. It is also difficult to focus on emotional conversations. Studies* show when we are in a messy environment, we have difficulty regulating emotions and are often reactive and easily irritated by others. Clutter increases the stress hormone, Cortisol, which can affect our pulse and blood pressure. While it is healthy to have small amounts of cortisol, chronic high levels can lead to anxiety, depression, and can affect our immune system, leaving our bodies susceptible to disease and illness.

A messy environment drains our energy and affects our sleep and, despite feeling fatigued, clients often report they have difficulty falling asleep at night. This has a knock-on effect the following day as it is difficult to have a productive day while feeling exhausted and asleep deprived.

Buying things release Serotonin and Dopamine, the ‘happy’ hormones which satisfies an emotional need and delights us momentarily, but this feeling soon wears off and the item sits at the back of the cupboard and is never used.

Everything we own has an emotional attached to it and quite often it is easier to keep the item than deal with that emotion. We may dislike an item but keep it because it would be wasteful to let it go; after all we spent good money on it. The sunk cost however is that as soon as we bought it, our money was gone.

Look at your present environment and consider how you feel. Do you feel relaxed and at ease or, are you feeling unsettled and anxious?  If it is the latter, and you are feeling dissatisfied with your current environment, that is good because you will be inspired for something better. If you are ready to get started, follow my tips and suggestions on Instagram (@joyfulspaces_) and Facebook (Sparks Joyful Spaces).